Comunicado de la Oficina del Presidente Electo Javier Milei: no habrá anuncios de nombramientos hasta la asunción

“There will be no announcement of appointments regarding positions in the future government until the inauguration day,” stated the so-called Office of the President Elect JavierMiley in its first communication after libertarian Milei’s victory this Sunday.

In the statement, disseminated on an account created on the X social network, it is expressed that “until December 10, President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, are the constitutional responsibles for the situation of the Argentines.”

“We want to inform that until this moment there are no scheduled meetings between President Alberto Fernández and President Elect Javier Milei” the note points out.

The statement also reports that Milei held “telephone conversations with foreign dignitaries” this Monday – whose names were not identified – “who contacted him to express their support for the new Argentine president.”

“The President Elect reaffirmed the desire to work in defense of democracy and free trade with all countries in the world,” added the Office of the President Elect.

The leader of Avanza Libertad (far-right) won this Sunday with 55.69% of the votes against the official candidate (Peronism), the current Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, who obtained 44.3%, to occupy the presidency of Argentina.

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2023-11-21 03:20:36

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