COVID-19 in Quebec: What you need to know on Tuesday

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  • Quebec has 55,458 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 5,503 people have died. Since Monday, the government reported an increase of 68 new cases and 18 deaths.
  • There are 435 people in hospital, including 38 in intensive care. Here’s a guide to the numbers.
  • Places of worship have reopened in the province with new regulations.
  • CBC Montreal is collecting stories from Quebecers who have recovered from COVID-19. If you would like to share your experience, please get in touch here.
  • Having trouble keeping track of what has reopened? Consult our list.

Masks to become mandatory on public transit

You will be required to wear a mask when taking public transit in Quebec beginning July 13, Premier François Legault announced today.

He said there will be a two-week grace period before authorities will begin enforcing the measure.

Epidemiologists have been calling for the change. Quebec’s director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, said Monday much has been learned about the novel coronavirus over the last few months and the health network is better prepared to stave off disaster, but it must be done in partnership with the population.

He said that partnership includes wearing a mask or face covering when physical distancing isn’t possible.

Toronto, meanwhile, is moving forward with a plan to require masks in all indoor spaces in the city, not just in public transit.

Quebecers adapt to new rules in places of worship

As places of worship reopen across the province, Quebecers of all different faiths will have to get used to some new public health rules.

Christian Lépine, the Archbishop of Montreal, says he’s been preparing to open the doors of Montreal’s Catholic churches for weeks now.

Some of the new rules are familiar: they will have to wear a mask and wash their hands regularly. Other rules, however, are more unique: there will no longer be paper materials in pews, and there will be no singing during the service.

In some of the province’s mosques, plastic now covers the carpeted floor where the faithful pray.

All places of worship are limited to 50 people at a time.


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