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I say Isabel and I follow the path, ”he wrote Vicent Andrés Estellés in a last verse dedicated to his wife. That precious poem, Sonata for IsabelHe recited Ovidi Montllor with the guitar of Toti Soler, and already part of our sentimental landscape. The verse has come to mind in these sad hours, because to say Isabel, in our literature, has been to say the name of the two women who have marked the Valencian letters with a deeper imprint: Isabel de Villena the Golden Age, and Isabel-Clara Simó In modernity.

Monday, the day twenty years after the death of Enric Value -which he did so much for the normalization of the Valencian and for the dissemination of the country's stories-, we knew sadly the loss of Isabel-Clara Simó. Without a doubt, the Alcoyana narrator was our great writer. With more than fifty written books. With almost all the major prizes to which a writer can aspire. With hundreds of thousands of readers of all ages. With a work translated into German, English, Basque, Spanish, French, Galician, Italian, Dutch and Swedish.

For all this, Isabel-Clara Simó has become an extraordinary case in Valencian lands since, at twenty years old, she decided that Alcoy's language also served to express the art she carried within her. A doubly extraordinary case, being the Valencian of a minority language -prohibited during his childhood-, and being a woman in a world so masculinized, when not macho, as has been the writing.

And yet, his word never found barriers. As if it were the untamed landscape of the Alcoyan lands – so fruitful for Valencian art and that in four months they have also lost the actor Pep Cortés and the singer Camilo Sesto– Isabel-Clara made freedom and love of the earth her currency. And with that spirit, radically democratic, radically committed, this proletarian of culture, in the most noble and Alcoyan sense of the term, has entered our literary pantheon on its own merits.

We had the literary "tributes", like Joan Fuster, Enric Valor, Vicent Andrés Estellés or Manuel Sanchis Guarner . In Isabel-Clara Simó we had a «woman», our great «woman». And we will continue to have it. Because she, who never stopped before anything or anyone, as the protagonist of her novel JuliaHe will continue speaking to us through a rich and extensive work. Therefore, with the sadness of the moment and the hope that has bequeathed us, say Isabel and follow the path.

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