Next Motorola Razr will have 5G, better cameras

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The company that made a good use of foldable displays with minimal flaws, meanwhile in other foldable phones you can make a swimming pool in the middle of the display, it is really sad how people became numbers Zombies where engineering is not valuable.


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Anonymous, 6 hours agoAll customers understand foldable tech needs to be more expensive, but how did the old razr tu… moreDid u ever seen these phones atleast?
Razr is entirely different in design.
It folds exactly like the old razr, half way fold and it slaps. Same while opening.

Samsung flip z is just a vertical foldable phone. Thre is nothing special in it.


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Nos interested on the specs, i do care abou its durability.

For the specs of the first model are more than acceptable. That´s not the real issue Motorola, WAKE UP


Better to buy Samsung flip phone then Nokia too high for low specs. Nokia try used Samsung fold design to overhyped their phone and it fail.


Well if they add SD865+ or at least SD865 it should be gruesome also a bigger battery would be nice adition.


And probably naff all software support as usual.


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All customers understand foldable tech needs to be more expensive, but how did the old razr turn out costing 1500$ while you get the flip z with much better specs, way better design (THAT CHIN!), way bigger battery but one less screen for the same price? Moto did alot wrong with the first phone and they need to adress those failures. im pretty sure many people wanted the razr to be great and were willing to sink their monthly income into it – but not like this. I don’t expect a dual cam and 5g to help with those problems sadly.


Motorola needs to realise that they have competitors in the market. It’s costly and has little hardware capabilities which are unimpressive. If I was looking for a flip phone then I would go for Samsung Galaxy Z flip without a second thought.


More importantly, did they make it more durable?


$1500 was WAY too much for this phone hence why it is $500 off right now, I think they should make the Razr 2 A-LOT cheaper say $500. The same thing happened when the Blackberry Priv came out, because it was a new design it was way overpriced ($800.00) and they were selling for over $1000 on ebay, and really weren’t all that impressive.


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