Notas detrás del escenario sobre las promociones virales de WWE RAW de Edge y Liv Morgan

El WWE RAW de anoche incluyó dos promociones que se volvieron virales en las redes sociales: una del miembro del Salón de la Fama de la WWE Edge y otra de Liv Morgan. Las promociones siguen siendo tendencia hoy, casi 24 horas después del programa.

Como se señaló, Morgan tuvo una promoción de ida y vuelta con la campeona femenina de RAW Becky Lynch luego de la firma del contrato para partido por el título de la próxima semana. Morgan comentó sobre el contrato de Becky e hizo una referencia a los lanzamientos de la WWE, presumiblemente las salidas de sus ex socios de Riott Squad, Sarah Logan y Ruby Riott (también conocida como Ruby Soho).

Morgan le dijo a Lynch: “Tú eres la razón por la que tu amigo [SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair) is gone, just like your big, fat, greedy contract is the reason why my friends are gone. How does it feel knowing you’ve become everything you despised?”

In an update, multiple sources have reported to PWInsider that Morgan’s line apparently came from WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, or someone else on the WWE creative team. This was not a case of Morgan coming up with the viral line on her own.

We also noted how Edge returned last night but was confronted by The Miz and Maryse, who also made their returns on RAW. Their back & forth promo segment included a reference to John Morrison’s recent WWE release, and a mention of the recent AEW Dynamite segment with CM Punk and MJF, which included references to several top WWE Superstars.

Last week’s AEW Dynamite opening segment saw Punk refer to MJF as a “less famous Miz,” while MJF said Punk has gone soft and is “PG Punk,” adding that Punk might as well be in the ring talking about “hustle, loyalty and respect” – a reference to John Cena. MJF later made another Cena mention and a reference to Triple H when he said Punk was always second best, whether it was to “You Can’t See Me man” or the “King of Kings.” Another reference to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was made when Punk asked MJF if he thinks he’s #1 in AEW. Punk said the only way MJF will be #1 is if AEW President Tony Khan has a daughter and MJF marries her.

Edge referred to that Dynamite segment on last night’s RAW when he remarked to The Miz, “You have people on other shows saying your name just to get a cheap reaction. You live rent-free in a lot of heads.”

Edge also said to The Miz, “You use this to get notoriety for your next endeavor, for your next reality show, for your next dance competition while you leave your partners high and dry to get fired.”

In an update, it was noted that Edge has creative freedom in his promos, and his viral lines were likely something he came up. The Rated R Superstar apparently decided to use some additional edge and realism in the face-off with The Miz, and this was not something given to him by WWE creative.

For those who missed it, Morrison tweeted Edge after the show and wrote, “hey @EdgeRatedR high & dry?? #JohnnyDripDrip is never not wet [splashing wet emoji] #TheFloodStud [splashing wet emoji] #AmericasMoistWanted [splashing wet emoji] Por cierto, cuando saltes al agua de @ mikethemiz, prepárate para una matanza [smiling face with sunglasses emoji]”, Escribió Morrison.

Mantente sintonizado para más. Puede ver los tweets y clips relacionados a continuación:

“Tú eres la razón por la que tu amigo se ha ido al igual que la razón por la que tu gran, gordo y codicioso contrato es la razón por la que MIS amigos se han ido. ¿Cómo se siente saber que te conviertes en todo lo que despreciabas?” – @YaOnlyLivvOnce

Oye @EdgeRatedR ¿¿alto y seco?? #JohnnyDripDrip nunca está mojado ???? #TheFloodStud ???? # AmericasMoistWanted ???? Por cierto, cuando te metes en @mikethemiz Prepara el agua para una matanza ????


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