ENTRETENIMIENTO The Oscars 2020 Awards: Antonio Banderas fight for the...

The Oscars 2020 Awards: Antonio Banderas fight for the Oscar


It was almost certain but it was still a pool; Now, finally, it is already reality:Antonio Banderas aspires to his first Oscar for 'Pain and glory'(theAlmodóvar filmIt will also fight to be the Best International Film). On February 9 we will know if the Malaga materializes another of the great impossible dreams that have marked his career.

Ricky, the disturbed and obsessive lover of 'Tie Me!' had been until now themost praised character in the Banderas race.Until Salvador Mallo arrived, the alter ego created by Pedro Almodóvar for 'Pain and glory' and that has underpinned the trajectory of the interpreter, in his moment of maturity. To the numerous awards obtained thanks to his transformation into the troubled filmmaker, in full creative and personal crisis, the Malaga has just put the icing:the Oscar nomination for Best Leading Actor.

Banderas will not have it easy: his opponents in this ninety-second edition of the Hollywood awards have not certified interpretations as praised as that of our Antonio; especially,Joaquin Phoenix, who precisely ate the toast of Malaga in theRecent Golden Globes(for many, a revealing preview of the Oscars) thanks to his Joker, a popular but iconic character thanks to the titanic task of Phoenix. But there are many more carats in the list of nominees:Adam Driver ('Story of a marriage'), Leonardo DiCaprio ('Once Upon a Time in Hollywood') and Jonathan Pryce ('The Two Popes').

Since he won the Palma de Cannes for his performance in 'Pain and Glory' the name of Antonio Banderas began to sound like one of the most possible candidates for the Oscar for his role in the Almodóvar film. A noise that soon began to turn black on white with various articles and posts with pools on the more than likely nominees for the Hollywood awards that included Malaga.And then the awards were coming: The Critics of Los Angeles, the New York, the Hollywood Film Award, the European Film Award …

This year,Antonio Banderas will enter his sixth decade of life. 60 years squeezed to the fullest (so much that a heart attack forced him to rethink his way of life to reach the conclusion that what matters is to live, not how much he will live) that he could celebrate with the greatest recognition of the Seventh art: an Oscar.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0mGbwHViYk (/ embed)

By the way, the nominations of 'Pain and glory' will not be the only Spanish notes in the Oscars 2020:'Klaus', by Sergio Pablos, could win the Best Animated Film Award.

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