Windows 10 Start menu gets a new, streamlined design

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Microsoft has announced that it is rolling out a handful of Windows 10 upgrades to a small number of testers. These features are not tied to any scheduled update to the operating system, as the announcement made clear, but they do give a window into changes Microsoft may consider adopting in the future.

The new menu features a more subdued design: the panels have lost their solid-color backgrounds and are now partially transparent. This visually de-emphasizes the panels and makes quick scanning a little easier.


Another feature being tested is an updated Alt-Tab function, which not only calls up active Microsoft Edge tabs (as Alt-Tab currently does), but all current tabs.


Whether these features make it into future Windows 10 updates remains to be seen, and Microsoft did not immediately respond to questions about what sort of feedback they expect to receive on these changes. The most recent major Windows 10 update was the May 2020 update, which includes changes to Cortana and Search, among other features.

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